Track & Assign Loads

Now you can easily assign and track loads right from your mobile phone. And your driver’s location will be available to you in real time! No need to have a dispatcher in the office. In addition, tracking & assigning loads with Saint John Capital allows freight brokers or shippers to track a load in real time by receiving the exact coordinates of a truck’s location every fifteen minutes by email. Brokers or shippers will also receive a copy of the bill of lading instantly at both pickup and on delivery, eliminating the need to mail a bill of lading. Try track loads from Saint John Capital and experience the benefits of a virtual dispatcher today!

track loads

  • mobile friendly
  • no contract, no hidden fees
  • 30 day free trial
  • cancel online anytime
  • real time load tracking
  • proof of pick-up
  • proof of delivery
  • pause tracking
  • virtual dispatching
  • assign drivers
  • mobile app
  • Available On Android
  • Available On iOS