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    Freight Articles

    Capacity Still Fails to Meet Demand, According to DAT Barometers

    As predicted, the record high spot rates that had been a constant through the early part of the summer have eased off, but only slightly, as reported in the latest update from DAT Barometers. Despite the decline, the current environment …

    DAT Predicts Contract Rates Will Ease—At Some Point

    With the sustained record highs in van rates that shippers have been witnessing all summer, many in the industry are wondering when the challenging freight environment will ease up. DAT Trendlines predicts the moderation will happen, they just can’t predict …

    What Is Load-To-Truck Ratio?

    If you’ve ever been to dat.com, you know that load-to-truck ratio is an important concept. It’s a term you’ll see a lot on their site, and you’ll come across throughout the trucking industry, but even so, many people aren’t sure …

    July 4th Brings Another Record High For Van Rates

    According to the latest report from DAT Trendlines, van rates achieved a new record high of $2.45 per mile during the July 4th holiday week. While DAT is predicting that the latest record is a momentary peak and that the …

    Reefer Market Continues To Heat Up

    It’s no surprise but, with record heat waves hitting the country, reefer markets continue to trend upward. According to a post at DAT.com, the reefer spot market rates were at their highest ever point at $2.69/mile. That means that the …

    How To Cut Motor Carrier Costs

    Motor Carriers, whether they are fully independent drivers, drivers working full or part-time for a larger company, or small fleets that operate a number of trucks at once, are small businesses. It doesn’t matter if you own or lease your …

    Central Oregon Truck Company Offers Increased Pay Structure For Drivers

    As reported by the American Journal of Transportation, the Central Oregon Truck Company has announced a new pay structure for its drivers known as “Weekly Driver Salary Pay.” When the new scheme goes into effect, drivers will earn a weekly …

    U.S. Xpress Officially Goes Public, Stock Rises In Early Trading

    U.S. Xpress, the country’s fifth largest asset-based truckload carrier by revenue, has officially launched its initial public offering, with 18,056,000 shares of its Class A common stock. A team of U.S. Xpress executives, along with family members, gathered at the …

    big truck moves on highway at sunrise

    Daimler Trucks Makes Two Big Announcements About Future Offerings

    Daimler is in the news again, this time with two big announcements regarding its trucking business. According to Business Insider, the German auto company unveiled a pair of electric semi trucks that it intends to mass-produce beginning in 2021. They …

    ExxonMobil Fleet Fuel Cards Review and Comparison

    Saint John Fuel Card vs. ExxonMobil Fuel Cards What are the features of ExxonMobil Fuel Cards? ExxonMobil is the world’s largest publically traded oil and gas conglomerate. Currently, they have two options for trucking fuel cards. These cards are both …

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