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    Freight Articles

    Life On The Road – What New Truckers Can Expect

    People are often curious about what it is like for long haul truck drivers, especially those who are thinking about getting into the industry. Many reality and documentary TV shows, such as Ice Road Truckers and American Trucker, have glamorized …

    Paid CDL Programs Can Kickstart Your Driving Career

    While many people have a romantic view of truck driving, those of us in the know understand that driving is a challenging career, especially when you are just starting out. Driving big rigs requires a good amount of training and …

    Women In Trucking – The Real Scoop

    When people think of the trucking industry, it’s likely that images of male drivers come to mind. And there can be no doubt that as a profession, trucking is dominated by men. But it doesn’t have to be that way, …

    Drop And Hook Versus Live Loads – What’s The Difference And Which Is Better?

    Truck drivers are expected to be able to drive swiftly, safely, and efficiently, but it would surprise many people to know that much of their time isn’t spent driving, but rather waiting around while their trucks are being loaded and …

    Mirrors Or Monitors – Which Is Best For Truck Drivers?

    Change is always difficult, and truck drivers are no different from anyone else in terms of being resistant to change, especially when the current system is working well enough. It’s only natural that veteran drivers would express skepticism when presented …

    Capacity Still Fails to Meet Demand, According to DAT Barometers

    As predicted, the record high spot rates that had been a constant through the early part of the summer have eased off, but only slightly, as reported in the latest update from DAT Barometers. Despite the decline, the current environment …

    DAT Predicts Contract Rates Will Ease—At Some Point

    With the sustained record highs in van rates that shippers have been witnessing all summer, many in the industry are wondering when the challenging freight environment will ease up. DAT Trendlines predicts the moderation will happen, they just can’t predict …

    What Is Load-To-Truck Ratio?

    If you’ve ever been to dat.com, you know that load-to-truck ratio is an important concept. It’s a term you’ll see a lot on their site, and you’ll come across throughout the trucking industry, but even so, many people aren’t sure …

    July 4th Brings Another Record High For Van Rates

    According to the latest report from DAT Trendlines, van rates achieved a new record high of $2.45 per mile during the July 4th holiday week. While DAT is predicting that the latest record is a momentary peak and that the …

    Reefer Market Continues To Heat Up

    It’s no surprise but, with record heat waves hitting the country, reefer markets continue to trend upward. According to a post at DAT.com, the reefer spot market rates were at their highest ever point at $2.69/mile. That means that the …

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