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    Freight Articles

    Spot Market Truckload Volume Dips Seasonally In April

    If you’ve been in the trucking industry for a while, you probably agree that this past year has felt like riding on a roller coaster. Whether it’s been international trade wars, a once-in-a-century global pandemic, or extreme weather events, there …

    Flatbed Rates And Ratios At Record Highs

    It’s been a tumultuous time for the freight industry, with wild swings and unexpected crises creating a great deal of uncertainty when it comes to many of the key financial indicators. For popular metrics like load-to-truck ratios, flatbed rates, reefer …

    Trucking Trends: Load-To-Truck Ratios & Fuel Prices

    For many drivers, all they want to know is where their next load is. That’s fine, but for drivers and fleet operators who aspire to grow their business and earn more money, being able to forecast trends and analyze where …

    What Does It Cost To Run A Trucking Company?

    For many truck drivers, their dream is to one day own their own trucking company. Who doesn’t prefer to be a boss rather than the person getting told when to be someplace? But the transition from being a driver to …

    How To Get Started As A Trucker

    With the economy starting to ramp up, and high volumes of freight needing to be moved around the country as a result, there’s never been a better time to become a truck driver. But those who are new to the …

    How Did Truckers Find Loads Before The Internet?

    It’s easy to take our modern communication technologies for granted, but it wasn’t that long ago that truckers didn’t have the internet to rely on when it came to finding loads. For you younger drivers, this pre-internet time might seem …

    Getting Your Carrier Authority – Top Myths

    It can seem extremely daunting to jump from being a truck driver to becoming a freight broker, someone who can act as an intermediary between the shipper and the person or company providing transport. But for those who have made …

    How Truckers Can Eat Healthy While On The Road

    It’s no secret that life on the road is not conducive to the healthiest lifestyle. In fact, drivers cite poor health habits as one of the biggest challenges they face as part of their career. So what can drivers do …

    Driving An Oversized Load – What’s That Like?

    When it comes to driving an oversized load, new drivers have a lot of questions about what kind of special training and regulations they might need, if any at all. It’s true that hauling oversized loads is one of the …

    Driving A Chemical Truck – What To Expect?

    Even if you’re new to the trucking industry, you likely know that driving a chemical tanker is one of the best paying but most dangerous jobs available to truckers. People often have a lot of questions when they’re just starting …

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