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BP Fleet Fuel Cards Review and Comparison

Saint John Fuel Card vs. BP Fuel Cards

Saint John Capital Fuel CardBusiness Solutions CardBP Business Solutions Universal Fuel ProgramBP Business Solutions Fuel Plus Program
Savings per gallon0.14None0.06 (only at BP locations)0.06 (only at BP Locations)
Locations accepted5,200 LocationsEverywhere Mastercard Accepted7,500 LocationsEverywhere Mastercard Accepted
Monthly feesNoneNoneNone (Min purchase of 5,000 gallons)None (Min purchase of 5,000 gallons)
Online Account ManagementYesYesYesYes

What are the features of BP Fuel Cards? 

ExxonMobil is one of the world’s top ten largest oil and gas companies, and one of the most popular brands of gasoline in the United States. For trucking fleets, they offer three options to manage fuel payments. The three cards offer different levels of service and savings, allowing businesses to pick a solution tailored to their size and needs.

The most basic option is the BP Business Solutions card, which is designed for smaller fleets with a confined area of operations. It does not offer any fuel savings like their other cards, but it does allow business managers to assign individual cards and track and control spending. It doesn’t require any annual or monthly fees.

For larger fleets, the BP Business Solutions Plus card allows access to both local and interstate BP/ARCO stations. This card is appropriate for fleets that exceed 5,000 gallons in gasoline purchases, meaning there won’t be any monthly fees and they will receive savings of six cents per gallon. The savings only apply to BP/ARCO stations.

At the top level, the BP Business Solutions Universal Fuel Program Card acts as a full-fledged credit card with universal acceptance anywhere MasterCard is accepted. In addition to all of the above features, cardholders also gain enhanced security, better data reporting, and more specific purchasing controls to eliminate fraud.

What are the major drawbacks of BP Fuel Cards?

While BP operates one of the most extensive fueling station networks in the United States, their coverage in the plains states and further west has serious gaps. This is especially true in Texarkana, Nevada, and Idaho. The BP mobile app also lacks a location feature, meaning you will have to rely on a 3rd party app to find stations. The minimum purchase requirement also makes this a poor choice for smaller fleets.

Another drawback to these cards is that the savings only apply to BP stations, meaning that even within their area of coverage, drivers will be limited in their freedom.

What do the reviews have to say about BP?

Canstar Blue currently has BP listed with a three-star rating out of five. The company has slipped from its previously held top spot, having received a lower rating in terms of customer service, fees and charges, and other categories.

On WalletHub, meanwhile, the BP credit card has a 2.5 rating from over 350 reviews. Typical complaints concern problems removing incorrect charges and slow response time from customer service. Comments include, “The last four times BP has not given my rewards at the pump,” and “This is the biggest rip off of a card I’ve seen in a while.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the major differences between the three BP cards?

The main difference among the BP fuel cards is that the Universal card can be used just like a regular credit card, while the other cards can only be used to purchase fuel and other incidentals at BP branded fueling locations.

Is there a membership fee for the BP Business Solutions MasterCard?

Cardholders must pay $10 per month to gain access to the program, but the fee is waived when surpassing 5,000 or more gallons of fuel per month.

Is it possible to access my BP Business Solutions MasterCard account online?

BP offers an online website as well as a mobile app that allows customers to manage their account and control many of the most popular card features, including setting security preferences and making payments. Users are able to find their usage reports online as well. Monthly invoices are free when accessed online, while there is a small charge for paper statements.

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