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    Hooke Murphy

    My job is made easier with Saint John Capital. I use their site for everything, such as finding loads, getting paid, tracking all of my expenses and income. I am on the road so much that I have to work …

    Kenneth Potter

    I use my Saint John Capital site every day. I can choose from a number of loads that pay more and I get paid faster too. I keep track of all of my spending and incoming monies on the site. …

    Carlos Silva

    Saint John Capital has a great program, which I joined. I get paid sooner after drop off, I can find new loads to deliver, and track my expenses. I take advantage of the fuel finder regularly and that save me …

    Peggy Chavez

    Saint John Capital has been a great addition to my business. We have ten trucks and we use this site daily. I can pick loads, which pay more here, track expenses, even find the lowest gas prices around the country. …

    Lydia Coffey

    My business runs so much better since I signed up on the Saint John mobile site! Their routes pay more than anywhere else I’ve seen. The gas finder helps to shave money off of that expense, saving me money. I …

    Rosalie Berger

    With the Saint John Capital mobile site, I have increased my business. Once I signed up, I was excited to see that their loads pay the highest I’ve ever seen. Their service is great and the people are happy to …

    Marvin Johnson

    Dale gave my cousin a great price over a year ago and now I am going to start factoring with them. My cousin has few trucks and gets cheap factoring rates. They wont hold back any money and pay the …

    George Damson

    George Damson writing to review Saint John Capital. Best factor rates and staff is great. I own two trucking companies with my boys and both of our children are pleased with their factoring services. They have always given us us a 100% advance rate and hold back no reserves…

    Alecia W.

    I make more money and I am paid faster with Saint John Capital. They use freight factoring and I can also pick my loads on their mobile site. This keeps me in business and always on the move. I highly …

    Tish Price

    I love that customer service is available anytime. The fuel card benefits is absolutely wonderful. You guys are the best…

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