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    Bruno Philips

    I have a fleet of 50 trucks and I can pretty much use any freight factoring company I want to but I stick with Saint John Capital because they have a load board to keep all drivers working because there …

    Jacquees Peterson

    The incredible people at Saint John Capital are the most professional and courteous freight factoring leaders that I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. They are a team of highly educated and experienced experts that are honest and …

    Sonia Martin

    My husband and I have no time to generate invoices and attach bill of ladings so we moved to this company that provides excellent factoring services. Their system allows us to quickly upload our bill of ladings and then the …

    Guzman Barker

    With us choosing to do business with Saint John Capital, our work is done a lot easier and far less stress than it would be if we decided to go with one of their many competitors. Time and time again …

    Usher Crawford

    Top shelf, top quality and vastly superior customer service skills is the credit to Saint John Capital’s successful track record in this industry. Always professional, always friendly and always eager to resolve problems is what makes this place survive. And …

    Samy Peterson

    I have been in the trucking industry for a long time now and my fleet has 44 trucks. With a fleet that large I use Saint John Capital exclusively mainly because with these folks I end up saving close to …

    Eric Solorio

    My drivers really like how Saint John Capital lets them keep tabs on their income and expenditures through their very modern and easy to use website. The system is very straight forward and understandable which is a good thing because …

    Zachary Troupe

    Saint John Capital’s website looks great on my laptop and their mobile site is so easy to use on my phone. I make use of being able to find the cheapest gas prices of any area I am in as …

    Steven White

    The great people that run Saint John Capital always advance the entire 100% face value of the invoice every time they buy it. They also offer free ach for next day pay. And unlike other freight factoring companies, they do …

    Nick Henson

    Our dealings with Saint John Capital have been pretty awesome. They are all collectively responsive, professional and they deliver exactly what they advertise. We have been using them for several years now and I am pretty sure we are here …

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