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Streamlining Your Bookkeeping Operations with SJC’s Click & Pay API

The work-life balance for an owner-operator truck driver is challenging. Many admit they often work 40 to 60 hours a week, and there may be additional hours needed on bookkeeping if the owner-operator isn’t supported by office staff.

Not every trucking company owner is also a driver. On average small business owners tend to work at least 40 to 49 hours a week. Bookkeeping duties take up a lot of this time. Learning to streamline your bookkeeping operations is important, and Click & Pay API makes this possible.

What Is Click & Pay API?

API stands for “application programming interface.” In simple terms, API is software that acts as a go-between for two other applications. It allows for the transfer of information from one software product to another.

Saint John Capital (SJC) offers API services through an app that simplifies getting paid, establishing new customer accounts, and having all of the bookkeeping information you need for your accounting software. The API transfers information from bills of lading you generate on software like DSI or SmartBOL through your phone or tablet to Saint John Capital’s systems for payment processing.

What Are the Benefits?

That’s a brief look at what SJC’s Click & Pay API is, but how does it help companies with their bookkeeping? 

An End to Manual Data Entry

Is your current system one where your driver returns with a bill of lading, and you have an office worker who enters the numbers and information into your system? Data entry is a time-consuming task, and there’s a lot of room for error. One wrong number could lead to disastrous effects on your bookkeeping. 

Heightened Accuracy

When you’re using an API to take numbers from one application and upload them to another, you avoid errors. Humans make mistakes, so it’s not uncommon for a data entry worker to transcribe numbers or typo an address. It wasn’t intentional, but it can become a major problem if it’s not caught. With API, you have 100% accuracy as long as the initial information on the bill of lading or shipping paperwork is correct at the beginning of the process.

Improved Efficiency

Click & Pay API improves your company’s efficiency. Instead of having office workers have to stop everything to add information from another driver’s BOL when a load is delivered, the system quickly does it for you. That leaves your office staff able to focus on the other work you need completed without interruption, which is important when it comes to streamlining your operations.

Real-Time Access to Financial Information

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of SJC’s Click & Pay app is the access to financial information whenever you need it. You don’t have to sit on the phone and wait for the information you need, load the app, make the right selection, and the information is there in real time for you to see, upload, or print out.

Reduction in Office Expenses

Right now, you might be renting office space and hiring multiple people for your office work. With SJC’s Click & Pay API, you reduce the need for a huge office. Your office staff could work from home on a computer, which eliminates the cost of renting office space. Plus, many workers appreciate the flexibility of not having a long work commute or having to take a day off when a kid is sick or has a half day at school.

Without having to spend hours on tasks like data entry and printing and mailing invoices, your staff can devote their time to other important tasks. You could have them working on marketing projects, scheduling, or applying for lucrative work as a FEMA-approved TSP.

One more benefit to the whole office work scenario. If your office workers are used to long days and the necessary overtime that keeps them from spending quality time with friends and family, Click & Pay API ensures they’re done work on time and won’t be stuck at the office while others are having fun.

How Does It Work?

Those are some of the benefits you gain with SJC’s Click & Pay API, but what exactly does the app do? It offers all of these features through a tap of the screen.

Account Creation:

You’re taking on work from a new broker or shipper. Use the API’s transportation management software to quickly create an account for that new client. 

Uploading Bills and Documents:

Your driver picked up or delivered a load and has the bill of lading ready to upload. Take a photo of it from a phone or tablet and upload it directly through the app. This makes it easy to submit it for freight factoring and get paid as quickly as the same day.

When you use Saint John Capital for freight factoring, SJC generates the invoices for you. Upload them from the Click & Pay app to your accounting software with ease and avoid data entry.

Payment Requests:

When you’ve transported goods for a broker or shipper, they can enter their payment information and pay you directly through the transportation management software, too. They don’t have to write out a check, mail it, and hope it arrives. You won’t have to process check payments anymore or find time to get to the bank to deposit it. With Quick Pay Services, you and your clients don’t have to struggle with mail delays, lost checks, and the resulting frustration.

Payment Tracking:

Once you’ve delivered or picked up a load, you can use SJC’s Click & Pay API to get paid instantly. You’ll have all of the information you need to see what loads have been paid, what’s pending, and how much work you’ve done that week, month, etc.

Tips for Getting Started With Saint John Capital’s Click & Pay API

Before you can use SJC’s Click & Pay API, you need to create an API account. To do this, provide:

  • Your name
  • Your company’s name
  • Your email
  • Your phone number

Read the terms and conditions and make sure you accept them. If you don’t agree to the terms, you’re not authorized to use our Click & Pay API services. While this is not a comprehensive list, key points to consider include:

  • You’re responsible for checking updates on the terms and conditions and ensuring you’re still in agreement.
  • You must be 18 or older.
  • You cannot distribute or copy the service without permission.
  • You must comply with the call volume limits, usage guidelines, and documentation requirements.

Saint John Capital does everything possible to maintain a safe, secure website, but the company has no control over the security of your wireless network or internet service. The company is not responsible for your wireless or internet service’s security.

Your company’s personal and private information is protected by Saint John Capital’s privacy policy. You can view the privacy policy at SaintJohnCapital.com/privacy-policy. Our privacy policy is similar to other website’s policies and follows local, state, and federal laws.

If you ever have questions, our support team is here to help. We can help you get started with SJC’s Click & Pay API if you’re having difficulty or need a quick walkthrough.

Click & Pay API is a smart way to minimize your business’s administrative work. Instead of spending countless hours on paperwork, calls, and data entry, use Saint John Capital’s Click & Pay API to simplify office work and have time for family and friends.

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